First Gesture

On this freezing day in January, I hardly feel like dancing. Yet the brightest of suns is piercing my reluctance, coaxing me strenuously to step out onto this new stage, shake off the chill of newness, and engage.  It can be an easy sort of dance,  a small step forward and a smile. Breathe in the presence of friend and stranger. Invite them into your dance by raising one arm. Describe a circle of unity; don’t be afraid. Remember, Leiflife, this is only one moment. You are only one part in the great dance. Breathe out and accept what comes.


2 Responses to “First Gesture”

  1. Margareta Sarring Says:

    I’m enjoying the way you write. K Kendall linked to your blog on her Flickr page. I will bookmark your page and be inspired by your gestures. Keep it up!

  2. leiflife Says:

    Thank you, Margareta. I am new to this, encouraged by the generous spirit: K kendall, a lifelong friend. Response is a lovely thing.

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