The Maze

I continue to feel my way into this new way of dancing.  The stage seems cluttered, distracting me from complete surrender. I resist the format, wanting a clean white surface, an empty stage, and space around my body. Alright; I’ve expressed my desire. Who knows? I may find what I want as I thread my way through this maze. Have I entered a maze? If so, where are you: my audience – and my fellow dancers. Are you poised above me, looking askance at my awkward attempts to make sense of my surroundings; or are you cheering me on, empathetic to uneasy moments in the great dance. Probably most of you are immersed in your own approach to the maze, your own gestural choices. Of course, some of you have discovered a kind of freedom within the maze, or have found the clean white space that I seek. So far, I feel cramped in this oddly shaped stage. I inch my way forward, along with the words that make up this dance.

And what of the balance. Out there beyond my immediate slow progress, are the walls of my house, the trembling trees in the cold bright air. Just there, at the edge of my peripheral vision, is light spilling in through a window, and just below is a sweet sleeping dog named Star. Music, I know, is tightly curled on my bed. The cat, Sunny, is farther afield, as are my children and their families. The other inhabitants of this compound are mercifully quiet. I can almost forget their divergent dances, though in some strange way even they are contibuting to my balancing act. Suddenly, I am ascending, fairylike; poised upon tiptoe, my aging body elongates and slims. I am peering over the top of the maze, seeing vistas I never imagined before, and I know that my limitations are temporal. The maze is dissolving, and I: I am floating free.


3 Responses to “The Maze”

  1. moses485 Says:

    thank you for the dancers perspective on art and self definition..


  2. leiflife Says:

    …and thank you, Moses, for returning me to this post. You are an angel -out of the blue – quietly reminding me of what I know.

  3. moses485 Says:

    well if i got to do it — then it is my pleasure…ill be back to check up on your new updates


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