Thank Heaven For Angels

Is it time to trust spacious vistas, along with the unknown dance that calls me? I am naturally shy, yet when I dance, I discover a confidence that awes and thrills me. Once I have crossed the barriers of fear and doubt, I find that my non-dancing days have prepared me for this mystical moment when giving and receiving are interchangeable. As movement overtakes me, and the words that accompany my dance stream forth, I am at home in the world I have braved. And beyond the lights that can blind me momentarily, an occasional face emerges; some part of me sees the reflection of who I am. How else can we know ourselves except by  another’s response to our gestures?

Living alone, I sometimes forget who I am, save for those parts tossed casually back at me by family members. Sometimes I starve for the parts that can not be returned save by lovers or audience members (They are really the same), and as I grow older these parts I most value seem to be dying. Oh but they can be roused by various things. If a drawing is purchased I dance with joy, knowing that somewhere another soul is reflecting my true soul. If I hear that someone has read and been moved by my writing, a sweet sense of yesness floats through my pores and I carry a smile through the rest of the day.

Once in a very long time, another artist, writer, or performer will revive my memory of my own true dance. I have been touched in this way by Susan Boyle. This surprising heroine of the realized dream is in some way dancing my dance, and I weep, giggle, and exult in the crazy whirlwind of dreams coming true. God is good, I say to myself, as I think of this beautiful woman being given back to herself by a world revived by her singing to believe in their own soul’s glorious song. These days I am feeling immensely thankful for Susan’s soul song. I love the modest lady who has waited so long to be one with the bright star the world is receiving.  Her realization of brightness causes my heart to beat strong and bravely, and of course, I dance…if only alone in my room with Susan’s voice.  Some days that’s enough.


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2 Responses to “Thank Heaven For Angels”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Yes, Leif. Sometimes we forget who we are. Sometimes a complete stranger reminds us. Sometimes a dear friend reminds us. We treasure our reminderers.

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