Rainy Day Gestures

The day began with erratic spatters of rain on the tin roof above my head. This gave me the permission to linger over my coffee and my journal. I wrote the date, thinking of someone special out of my past, feelling peaceful enough to bless and release him to whatever joy he finds in his present dance. 

As for me, I shall count my own blessings — modest though they may be at this moment in time: the glowing and silent space that surrounds and shelters me; the love-eyes of Star patiently fixed upon me. She knows that the last bite of my banana is hers. Music remains in his doggy dream world, having no taste for bananas and wise enough to know that the rain will delay the morning walk. Truly, the journaling used up my taste for words, so this comes late in the day after simple Saturday occupations. I, too, can be patient, occasionally, and now, I come to this bloggy dance in receipt of various unexpected gifts.

An email from my good friend, Christopher Maurer, enquiring about the MPB interview, inspired me to tell him of A Dance of Balance, and he wrote me back about his own blog. He is my father’s biographer, but so much more. His blog address is www.dreaminginclay.wordpress.com

This little dance of renewal renewed my faith in this process, and I realize I need to let people know I am doing this. I guess I’ve been testing the waters of my willingness to keep this moving. Also, I have been too critical of what I have written so far. It is what it is. All I can do is be in this now, and trust the next.

The next now could bring a new grandchild, a brand new being to expand my heart further, to strengthen the ongoing dance of life. Leiflife!


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