In 1977, in the wake of discovering and developing the dance technique that I came to call Airth, I choreographed a dance I called “Going Home” after the hymn written by William Arms Fisher. It was my first attempt at applying Airth to an actual, repeatable dance, and the music was the largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony. This music co-operated beautifully with my breath-born movements, and of all the dances created that year, this was the lasting one. I found it a metaphor for life as well as a perfect companion for my “Airth” journey. I danced it countless times, in performances and for a competetion held in Boston in 1978. The last time I physically danced it was in 1998 at the Ocean Springs Community Center for a retrospective presentation of my dancing life. Yet, even now, hearing the largo on public radio eases me into the flow of breath-born movement. I release myself gratefully to the journey homeward.

Last night I dreamt I was seated in a theater watching “Going Home”. My dance was being performed by women of all ages. Smaller and larger groups interchanged with ease as the music progressed, and I rested happily in the unbroken flow of my own creation. This was a gift that surprised me at first, for I was observer; my own participation subtle. But no less real… I came to recognize and appreciate this new form of my old dance. I was glad to be where I was, and not prepared for the dream to end before the dance. Yet the glorious sound of the largo was replaced in an instant by  the sudden flapping of cocker spaniel ears, accompanied by the familiar tinkle of dog tags. This was music of a sort: my old dog Music, and when I resisted this wake up call, a silky head pushed its way beneath my hand. I let go of the dream to open my eyes on a small black dog named Star. I was home.


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2 Responses to “Homeward”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, perfect, and right. Sometimes home is a cocker spaniel with a silky head. Sigh.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Yes, darling K… Home is a cocker spaniel with silky ears. And I seem to
    know that more truly since I wrote that blog. I keep passing my hand over the head of one or the other, Music or Star, and it seems more precious then all the amazing possibilities out there in the world. The simple life… What could be better?

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