I Believe in Fairies

Today is one of those clear crisp days when every leaf on every tree appears to have been touched by magic. In my mind, the fairies who live in my woods have gone beserk at the prospect of spring’s approach, and their madcap soaring, tumbling, and cavorting has deposited glittering dust on everything, including me. Yes, the shine has returned in earnest, almost denying the shadows of yesterday. Bless them…

I have waked with an appetite for life this morning. It hardly matters what form it takes, but like the fairies, I noticed evidence of  the earth’s renewal. When I walked out with the dogs in the early light, my heart was touched by the seemingly overnight appearance of tender dewberry vines. Their modest green was tinged with crimson, and my heart went soft at their courage, knowing that a wintry fr0st was still a possibility. Yet I loved the thought of being witness to their various incarnations. If allowed, the vines will grow strong and and make prickly thorns. Then pinkish-white flowers like tiny wild roses will appear, and I’ll feel the urge to draw and paint their fleeting beauty. These last for a while as the heart of the berry to come is formed. Then the flowers, whose delicate grace I’ve begun to take for granted, are suddenly gone, leaving small green nubs. I try to forget about dewberries for a while; they take their time. But I pray for plentiful rain and abundant sunlight and rejoice as red berries swell into plump dark fruit. The plumper, the darker, the sweeter the taste, and on every walk for several weeks, the dogs must be patient as I pause and partake.  Purple juice stains my fingers and tongue and the long ago springs of childhood catch up with the woman I’ve become.  In the season of spring when the dewberries share their dance, I am hand in hand with the fairies,  ageless and brimming with life.  Yes, I do believe…


2 Responses to “I Believe in Fairies”

  1. LouAnn Says:

    Oh dewberry bliss!!!!! You have reminded me of my childhood days of finding just the right spot to pick and eat those wonderful nature gifts. Thank you for the happy thought.

    Love to you,

  2. leiflife Says:

    You are very welcome, LouAnn. Writing it did the same for me. Isn’t
    spring about regaining the innocent joy of childhood? We have had a
    light freeze since that blog, but the dewberry vines still flourish. Spring
    will come.

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