Sister In Bloom

Her hair seemed dusted with pollen as she opened the door – her wild gray curls outlined with yellow-gold. Her mouth was a crescent of joy on her sweet round face, and her eyes danced gleefully over a badly kept secret. She invited me in, then sneezed, then laughed and apologized. But my sister, Mary, had no reason to be sorry. Along the far wall leaned a series of oil paintings: outdoor scenes with tall pines and gilded grasses. Pink-violet roads and pathways curved away past glimmering  bayous. The stark blue sky gazed happily at a more appealing version of itself .  This sister artist bounced beside me as I took in more than beauty.  Here was evidence of  am interior willingness to bloom.


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3 Responses to “Sister In Bloom”

  1. Kendall Says:

    You must feel a little envious. Wonderful that she has done this. But what about you? When will you do what you feel you need to do? Sweet and sour, a knife that cuts and yet…of course you rejoice in her good fortune, in her productivity, in her ability to set space and time aside for her work.

  2. Kendall Says:

    Love, Kendall

  3. leiflife Says:

    Dear K… All I want in the world is to write a response to this in depth. Yesterday’s blog was done in a stolen moment, maybe not finished. Children! Today I promised to go for Patricia’s birthday to the Sandhill Crane Refuge. Outdoors is good, but… I shall return to this, to you, later today. I hope… I love… Leif

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