Faith In The Blooming

Life is on hold, Wednesday’s pause drawn out by my body’s slowness to heal. The virus lingers, insuring an isolation  that I begin to struggle against, despite the grogginess induced by medications meant to ease my symptoms. Perhaps my breathing is less labored;  the coughing subdued except as night approaches and when I first rise in the morning. But I don’t feel well, and my patient acceptance of the “blessed pause” is wearing thin. So I turn to this blog, but with some trepidation. My head may nod, my eyelids droop – before I’m done.

I thought I might write of spring, for despite my limited participation, spring has definitely been happening.  When my illness had barely begun, the wisteria reached its peak, cascading opportunistically over everything. Purple clusters spilled from trees and draped themselves over azalea bushes just starting to bloom. Their unique fragrance overwhemed my congested airways, and as their petals dispersed, a delicate carpet was laid for my wandering feet. The azaleas finally came into their own,  large magenta  blossoms crowding out the slower buds. Overgrown bushes laden with lush, rich color were almost too much as my ailment progressed. Some senses impaired left other  senses  recoiling from stimulation. I have found myself almost relieved  to see the  passionate blooms replaced by soggy remnants of themselvess. This spring I have scarecly appreciated the feast, but today as I made my way with the little dogs, my eyes came to rest on a veritable sea of yellow Irises. Their green stalks have thrust themselves up through the mud of the wetlands  below my house. Now they stand like regal sentries displaying their elegant hats. I smile at their obvious pride  in their annual  accomplishment. But they give me hope, having risen from the murky depths where they lay dormant – patiently waiting for their time to bloom.


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2 Responses to “Faith In The Blooming”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Lovely word pictures, Leif. May you continue to recover and bloom.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Thank you, Kendall, for caring. Moment by moment is the only way.

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