In Praise of Abundance

This is the dance that I do these days: an abundant dance. Having recovered from the illness that gifted me with pause, I spring into active participation. What else can one do when the active force takes hold? I am an aged sprite in spite of myself, caught up in the verdant reality of late spring. Around my house, all that is green is greener – actively filling up space with more of itself. Each day as I negotiate the curving driveway, I pass through a tunnel of greenness. I love this sense of being reborn each time I venture into the world out there, though on some days I long to stay in its close green embrace. But this is my time for issuing forth, for yielding to life in its various formations. It is time to surrender to what may be – time to grow.

I have surrendered to doing a joint exhibit with my sister at the family shop – at the Walter Anderson shop: Realizations. Since blogs cannot be displayed as art, my focus has had to shift somewhat. I am playing with wire again. More angels are finding form beneath my hands, but winged figures that dance in the air don’t seem to be enough. I have been surprised by  a cat, an elephant, a dog. Yet these, too, are fanciful, with wings, and hitch-hiking birds and butterflies. They are fanciful and pleasingly imperfect. They may be surprising companions to my sister’s elegant oil paintings of nature. Well, we do have the nature part in common, and contrast is good. Contrast is good.

So, at least on this day, I return to this blog – encouraged by a facebook message from my friend, Brian. Brian sent me a birthday wish, and also a sweet reminder that my few but fond readers are still with me. With his kind and loving suggestion  in mind, I shall believe again that my dance of balance continues to be worth sharing.


2 Responses to “In Praise of Abundance”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Hooray, Leif! Hooray for Brian, hooray for birthdays coming (I have something in the mail for you), hooray for fond readers and blogs, and most of all hooray for you, making things.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Thank you, my dear friend and dependably fond reader, for celebrating this wonderfully changeable thing called life. Thank you for all the years of falling and rising, falling and rising. To celebrate the fullness along with the emptyness, I have you, babe.

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