Lately, I have it bad: the August blahs. No breaking through the oppressive end of summer heat. It is the dregs – the air almost used up, and what is left is loaded with unrelieved moisture. The heat index has been over a hundred for days. Add to that frequent reactive hot flashes and this woman longs to flee to cooler regions.

But planning an escape takes energy, and mine is flat, sucked out by my attempts to live where I am – dragging myself through the sweltering days – brief but necessary dog walks and essential outings in the car. Yes, I have air-conditioning and, physically, it brings relief but, psychologically, oppression follows me wherever I go. I feel that nothing will revive me save the coming of September. Sweet September… Not that September is much cooler than August in this area. The South is slow to greet the fall. Summer tends to cling with sticky determination. The remnants of her stale and humid breath persist, even as the crimson leaves of the Virginia Creeper are  bravely letting go. For me, the smallest signs: a waft of cool dry air, a glimpse of deep blue sky, even the name of the month – three lovely syllables to roll off the tongue – bring hope, allowing the heart to stir expectantly.

But now is now, and August has just begun its sultry dance. Thoughts of attending the New York show attempt to penetrate the mugginess with little effect. Even a fleeting fantasy of flying from New York to Paris simply to breathe that glorious September air again seems swallowed up by the murky present.

Yet, is it really? This isn’t the first time that this hazy yet persistant plan has surfaced. Might it be possible to trust the wisdom behind the plan and act accordingly? Can I embrace blind faith just long enough to book a flight? And will this action free me from the August blahs.


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4 Responses to “September?”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Book it. Book it as soon as you possibly can. That’s my opinion.

  2. Brian Says:

    Just go. I would say forget about New York, the heat index up here has been 105 on average and I’m betting on a typical Northeastern Indian summer for at least half of the fall. So that leaves you with your gut instinct to cross the Atlantic…

  3. leiflife Says:

    Kendall and Brian… Of one accord. Both of you empathetic friends who know my urge to take flight is a trustworthy urge – a lifesaving urge. Just book it… Just go… It never seems quite as simple as that to me. And, yes, Brian. The New York show now seems an un-necessary and expensive complication, except that I feel inclined to show support for the Walter Anderson Legacy Exhibit. We shall see. I trust it to all come clear. By the way, I received my new passport in the mail yesterday. Ten years since my first September visit to the city of lights. A sign?

  4. Brian Says:

    Then… why not combine the two? Then fly out of JFK? And indeed, I would look at it as a sign. 🙂

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