Monday Moment

I find myself in a moment of pure energy. Since waking this morning, all things seem relevant and possible. Even the taste of my slightly over-ripe banana was a revelation – delicious beyond expressing. How grateful I was to slowly partake! And my large cup of hot milky coffee topped with foam and cinnamon was surely heaven sent. I savored that moment which led to the next and on to the next. On some days pleasure is ripe for the claiming. The simplest of occupations bring joy. Walking the dogs in the sun drenched park, I paused in a large patch of shade to sing a silly song about generous trees and the breeze that flowed over water and found us there. My dog, Music, is always appreciative of my spontaneous singing. He sat to listen, cocking his head and letting his old dog bones enjoy the moment. Star was not so content; she pulled us onward her nose to the ground. Thankfully, the breeze came too.

I drove from the park to T-9 Computers. Mr T had my desktop all clean and ready for its next moment. I told him I’d gotten too old for desktops – for climbing beneath the desk with a flashlight in hand and too many wires to re-attach. I was ready for simpler ways. He looked at me with his inimicable twinkle and suggested a headlamp. Could I make an adventure of the process? A joke? A little flirting? Not sure, but again I was in this moment, delighted with our rapport. He went on to tell me that I should consider selling my art online. I queried, “Do you mean a website?” He said, “Either that or ebay.” He went on to tell me of untapped possibilities. Perhaps he could show me…  Show me? The arrival of another customer allowed my easy departure. But I left there infected.  In a good way… I had lived those moments fully – whatever the next moment brought.

I am home now – perched on the edge of my chair – blogging to share my ongoing Monday moment. Ahhhhhhh…



3 Responses to “Monday Moment”

  1. Kendall Says:

    From one joy to the next. Wonderful, Leif. What else matters, really, but this moment? If this moment is “pure energy,” then nothing else is needed. I’m about to leave my house for a long walk and some pure energy myself.

  2. suenosdeuomi Says:

    Very infectious, your writing, I feel uplifted.

  3. leiflife Says:

    So lovely that one’s joy can occasionally be shared. If only our world could be infected thus – by a few simple words. Thank you both for responding.

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