Fall Temptation

September… Early mornings are fresh and cool, inviting me to shrug off summer and all the humid thoughts that bind me to the earth. Anticipating now, I cut off my hair and nearly lifted off, already tasting freedom by affirming a relief of sorts. I have no regrets at being shorn of my lady-like do. My step is lighter than before, and with the coming of September, I can almost frolic with the same abandon as my frisky dogs. At least my heart is feeling frolicsome, and tempted by familiar allurments.

Never tell anyone anything has run its course. Say it’s over, and it seems to get a second wind. The pull upon the soul intensifies. For love is a fickle thing, a to and fro dance that charms and captivates. We are so human in our longings for fulfillment that – against our better judgement – we respond. Response is so delicious – after all. It tells us we are still alive. The numbness we have clung to out of fear is – thankfully- replaced by sweetly tingling nerves; truth-telling tears seep from our eyes; we cannot tell the difference between joy and sorrow. We are entranced again.

I’ve known my share of human lovers, been so haunted by a former passion that I followed strangers with a slight resemblance only to awaken suddenly to my absurd behaviour. So what do I do about the present apparition?  What if the pull is real; the lover worthy of pursuit? What if I need to return to Paris, after all?


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2 Responses to “Fall Temptation”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Never tell anyone anything has run its course. Ain’t that the damn truth! Letting go, holding on, spinning, twirling, rising, falling, in, out, and in again. And out. What fleck of life doesn’t operate on these rhythms? Even amoebas know this. Why should we, with our weighty brains, be any different? Here is Patricia McConnell (those names so familiar to you), a dog behaviorist, quoting a New Zealand poet called Pam Brown as follows: “Humankind is drawn to dogs because they are so like ourselves–bumbling, affectionate, confused, easily disappointed, eager to be amused, grateful for kindness and the least attention.” And so we are. And so we fling our bodies on the wind and go, again, in search of love, no matter what it costs. Remind me I said this, and I will remind you.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Perhaps I was writing for both of us today. Often my blogs bring some understanding – a sense that I can move on – that all will be well, eventually. After writing this I felt exhausted – more frustrated than before, and a touch embarrassed at writing yet again of Paris and her hold upon me. No clarity as yet. The mind keeps wrestling – unlike our furry friends – who do move on. When I go to Paris, am I really in search of love? Is she really like a lover I quest for? Anyway… Yes… We will continue to remind each other.

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