My blessing of a grandchild had no interest in entering the fray of “Cruzin the Coast”. He preferred to go to east beach and immerse himself in the glory of sand and water. While his older sister was hanging out at a friend’s house, he and I basked in the warm/cool air of early fall. He was industrious in his basking, scooping and carrying wet sand and patiently building a fort. When I said we must leave to feed my Sunny cat and pick up his sister, he suffered for all of five seconds, then backed up and took a flying leap into the midst of the fort he had laboured over. Sand flew and he laughed out loud at the pleasure of letting go. As we drove away he must have thanked me ten times for taking him to the beach.

The Goddess must have been feeling extremely generous, for on the way down Hudson, we spotted two foxes, and at a safe distance, a rabbit munching happily on grasses. My young lover of all creatures was overjoyed, as was I.


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