Heart of The Heron

A few days ago, while walking the dogs, I came upon a Great Blue Heron standing on a half-submerged bicycle wheel in the inner harbor. At first I was simply entranced by the beauty of the bird, a contemplative creature, so still – so perfect  in its stillness. It breathed me into its world and held me there, even as it had no interest in my presence – nor in that of the cars that intermittently passed on the bridge overlooking the inlet. I gazed until I was tugged a little further forward by my dogs. Then I looked again and was even more entranced. The wheel and the wheel’s reflection had formed a heart that linked the heron with its watery mate.

We continued our walk, but I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. Arriving at home, I grabbed my camera and drove to the bridge and parked. The heron and its reflection were still there. I took several shots in hopes that something of the magic would survive despite my inadequate camera. The heron, the heart, and the heron appeared so small, while their effect upon me was so large. I worried that the surrounding landscape would swallow the magical message I had received if I tried to share it.

I needn’t have worried. Today I spoke with my dear friend Kendall on the telephone and as I relaxed into the loving ambiance of our connection, I found myself telling her of the heart that united the heron with itself. I told her that I had wished for her and her photographic skills and felt reluctant to post my inadequate photograph. Her response to the image – without seeing it – made me wonder it my attempt was more successful than I realized. I also felt that even as we spoke I was experiencing what the image meant to me. Our connection is a life-long one. Begun in childhood, it has survived a lifetime of mutual and separate experiences. There is a heart at the core of our relationship that links us infallibly with one another. At times I am her reflection – showing her what she needs to remember about herself , and at times it is she who gives me back to myself. In those moments when one or the other or both of us is feeling lost and disconnected, a phone call or an email or a blessed face to face encounter can restore the truth. The heart we share becomes a palpable, nearly visible reality which lets us see once more the beauty of existence. Her beauty… My beauty… It is all one. The changes brought about by living can only bring it into sharper focus, and the image we show to one another is always and forever – acceptable.


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7 Responses to “Heart of The Heron”

  1. Ann Says:

    It’s all so beautiful, Leif. The Great Blue Heron, the reflected heart upon the water, your photograph, your loving friendship with Kendall, your unique connection which reflects itself in each other. A treasure, like the Heron, waiting for you to get the images of yourself. Along the path of life, if we find such a friend who reflects us, it is an eternal, spiritual asset.
    Beautiful piece of writing.

  2. Kendall Says:

    O Leif. Thank you. Speechless and grateful, me.

  3. leiflife Says:

    Ann, thank you for appreciation and understanding. Kendall, you already know that I had to say what I had to say – with some prompting from that mysterious heron. And you…

  4. Christopher Says:

    Leif, I loved the image of the heron and your words about Kendall. And thanks for showing the wire sculptures, and the process of making them and sharing them, in these recent entries.

  5. leiflife Says:

    Lovely to hear from you, Christopher. The “Heart” is one of my favorite pieces I’ve done, and sharing the sculptures as I am doing them gives them greater substance. Keeping the blog “alive” can be a challenge, but perhaps it is worth it. Thank you for being you. Love…

  6. dogkisses Says:

    Truly, beautiful! Your photograph is wonderful, and your words are most thoughtful and moving.

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