Letting Her Go

I completed this requested angel on Sunday night, attaching a delicate butterfly as a traveling companion. It has been clear from the beginning that this particular angel would be a traveler – that her gesture would carry her swiftly away from her origins. I was letting her go even as I made her, but I didn’t count on the effect of her rapid departure. She left on Monday,  and today I face the feeling of having been left behind.

I normally keep my creations for longer – give myself time to receive their message before they leave me. This time she flew from my hands before I had time to know her, or to realize myself  through her expression. Thank heaven for the photograph I paused long enough to snap. Now I look at the vibrating stillness that gives power to her flight, and I sigh with gratitude even as I grieve her eagerness to fly from me.  

But didn’t I give her the eagerness for her particular journey? The awareness that she was wanted before I approached the wire – aroused an impetus within myself that freed her gesture. I gave her movement and the will to move beyond her making, and by so doing, moved beyond whatever personal hesitancy I feel at going forth.

And then, there is the butterfly, attached just prior to her taking off. It rests upon the little finger of of the angel’s trailing arm – seeming to have hitched a ride at the very last moment. The angel probably doesn’t need this tiny passenger, yet such a weightless pressence could never hinder, and perhaps the smidgeon of golden wire contains a  hope that I am a traveling too – beyond my origins.


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