This Way And That

Yes… Another angel has moved through my hands to completion. Her gesture is reminiscent of Isadora Duncan: The torso twists into opposing directions. In the drawings of Isadora, the gesture is beautifully balanced. As I hung my angel before the black cloth for photographing, she seemed indecisive. Even the little bird appeared confused to my demanding eye. “Which way are we going?” she seems to wonder. I wondered with her as I tweaked the wire in  an effort to find some answer that would solve our quandary.

But the angel knew she was complete. She was happy to sashay this way and that. She enjoyed the presence of uncertainty – the freedom to be just off the mark, or possibly with no mark at all. She will dance where she is and keep everyone guessing, especially her ever-questioning creator.

Finally, I accepted her as she was – a quirky sort of spirit expressing the ambiguity of both of us, and possibly – with Isadora’s help – a balance that I can’t quite see.


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2 Responses to “This Way And That”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I love your observation of “possibly no mark at all.” That’s what I’ve been feeling lately. I told somebody I was “off-kilter,” and then I silently wondered if I have ever been ON kilter, and whether Kilter was in fact anywhere I would like to be if I could be there. I think not. Probably a boring place. Here’s to being off the mark, off-kilter, off on a daydream or a lark, off the scale altogether. Who needs a scale anyway.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Right on, Best Buddy!

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