Her Voice – My Voice

In Spring of 2009, I followed the protagonist of my novel to Paris. It turned out to be rather a redundant journey, because Lily and I had been there for most of a year as I wrote down her story. I may have seemed to be reclining on my green couch – my hands dancing over the keys as Lily walked those wondrous streets, sat in a cafe across from the handsome Julien, or imagined  performing on the stage of the Paris Opera – but I was living Lily’s dream along with her.

I am sure that my former trips gave credence to the story,  but I had never experienced Paris in the spring. So I went, and of course the city was charming and beautifully familiar, but it wasn’t Lily’s Paris. Not really… Perhaps because no one else in the city knew the story… I felt very much alone. The vibrant young dancer and her Parisian friends were only real on the pages of my almost completed novel. She was my heroine, dear to me because she had helped me to find my voice and discover new gestures. Through her I triumphed in ways I had barely dreamed of doing. The older woman – having yielded up her young dancer dreams – renewed her capacity for reaching the world and sharing her vision. The vital release of spiritual truth  into physical realms is once more possible through the youthful and passionate Lily. 

How dear she became to me during those long months on that couch with our voices meshing and telling our story. Her story was mine for the duration of that telling. I danced as I have not danced in years – with energy, flexibility and physical strength. And with faith in the sharing…  I find myself dancing now with Lily in my heart and my conscience. And as I dance, I am hearing her voice again: “Our story is not complete; there is still more dancing to do. We must dance our way through your fears and beyond. There are other dancers in the world out there (young and old) whose hearts are waiting to be touched, moved, and reminded of the possible dream. I think its time for publication. And if I do, you do. Bien Sur…


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2 Responses to “Her Voice – My Voice”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Oh Leif, I love the dancing of you and Lily together, the dancing into the world, the showing forth. Publication comes in many ways. I watch, rapt and attentive, to see how the unfolding happens, how you and Lily show and share the dance. I wait to see. On the edge of my seat.

  2. leiflife Says:

    How truly amazing! Your faith in our dance – your belief in the “publication”… The post was written with conviction. I couldn’t not write it. I am glad that comes across and I pray to sustain that conviction. May “Lily” stay with me… And you…

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