Savoring Every Note

The dance of the voice becomes more clear and more easily relatable to the dance of the body. As my lessons continue, a real simpatico becomes more evident between my extraordinary teacher and myself. I think it helps that I have been open and honest with him. But could I have done so if the man had not been sensitive to my background and big-hearted enough to welcome Airth into our classroom? At the first lesson, J T told me with tears in his eyes that his copy of DANCING THROUGH AIRTH had been swept away by Katrina, so when I returned I brought him a new copy. From the beginning, he had welcomed my references to the breathing dance, and made them himself. He is very verbal as he teaches, and his choice of metaphor is often so evocative of Airth, that I cry out with pleasure and instantly grasp his meaning.

I have had some difficulty sustaining the breath long enough to complete the phrasing. This has been frustrating due to my easy attunement to the breath when dancing. Toward the end of my most recent class he pointed out that I anticipate the high notes, straining at the peak instead of trusting the rise and letting the high note float from my throat. Then on descending, I release the breath too quickly, running out of air before completion. Instead, the descending notes should be savored. Pace the exhalation and each note will have its moment. Allow the notes to drift down like autumn leaves. This was exquisitely familiar. This was Airth. Suddenly singing was not this alien and tension-producing new world to conquer. It was a dearly familiar world with new facets to explore. Here was an opportunity for Airth to grow, and for Leif the dancer to grow beyond herself. The perception that Airth might be stalled – and Leif with it – was simply that: a perception easily released. I need only breathe – and savor…every…note.


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2 Responses to “Savoring Every Note”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Wow! Terrific realization! Hooray for you, for your teacher, and for the trees and the moss that hear you “practice” this new realization.

  2. leiflife Says:

    It does feel like a realization, and you understand what this means to me – to find that Airth is moving again – that there is more to discover. Thank you, dear one.

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