A dance begins in an open space. At first it is only a whisper of movement, and if one listens and attunes – allowing breath to realize form in a willing body – then dance can be a miracle. Unlimited, the gesture flows, a perfect message of the soul released. The personality rejoices, participating wholly in this liberation.

I am a fortunate woman, retaining the childhood joy of dancing freely. The secrets of my heart pour forth and are transformed by revelation.

For all of my life this has been my way; living has radiated from my urge to dance. I have equated the two more emphatically as the years have passed. Experience tells me that before I step into an actual open space – be it a stage or other prepared arena – I am already dancing, have never stopped. Ideally, I am the open space in which dance lives; it cannot help but manifest. Even my own intermittent doubts and discouragements cannot prevent the stream of living movement. I may seem to distract, to forget, to suffer from a kind of stagnation, but always the muddy detritus disperses and a clear bright force impels itself through my willing body. This is dependable; life is a dance, and dance must find its way.

Often dance finds its way through the written word. My body sits still while the words seek formation in an open space. Words in rhythmic phrases glide into stark relief on a blank white page, and the dance performs its magic through subtle means. Yet communion is as certain as if the body were seen to swirl, to sway, to bend and reach. These gestures also shall be received and responded to, life unto life. As I write, I remind myself that believing ensures creation. I know from experience that every dance – regardless of form – begins in an open space.


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2 Responses to “Affirmation”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Beautiful affirmation, Leif. I’m waving and blowing a kiss, getting onto a plane first thing in the morning. Hoping, among a huge crowd of people, to find an open space.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Bon Voyage! I hope your open space was waiting for you. You must be there now, perhaps already actively engaged in your reason for going. May the force be with you – and your buddy’s love.

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