My Little Star

A Pensive StarIt has been a somber week. My little dog, Star, has been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. A small tumor of the pituitary gland is adversely affecting the adrenal glands, and several of the traits that I have been thinking of as Starisms are suddenly symptoms. Her liver is affected and her adrenolin count is greatly elevated. She has been a hungry dog; now it seems that she is a starving dog. At least this is how she feels. She has been a dog that pants almost constantly; now she is a victim of a nearly continual adrenolin rush. The traits I have tolerated as part of the package that makes up my dearly loved and affectionate little dog, have apparently been making my pet uncomfortable and anxious much of the time.

Star is naturally cheerful and enthusiastic. I guess this has hidden the fact of her agitation. She has seemed to sleep all night, but I’ve noticed that she moves around a good bit, ending up on the upstairs dog bed with Music. She has been my seven o’clock alarm clock for almost twelve years, and as with most dog owners – this has been both a sweet pleasure and an agravation. The insistent yet gentle paw on my arm, the liguid gaze, and the happy panting response when my eyes creak open are a blessing I am without this week. This is because – on top of the Cushing’s diagnosis and the beginning of treatment –  a weakened ligament in her knee has torn. Home from the testing, Star bounded happily to greet my cousin, Adele, and her dog, Oscar, and tore the ligament in her knee. She hobbled painfully back to me on three legs – hoping, trusting her human “Mama” to fix the bobo. Because the vet is reluctant to operate at this time due to the Cushings, she remains three-legged. She cannot make it up the stairs to the side of my bed. We both miss this.


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2 Responses to “My Little Star”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I’m so sorry, Leif. As I read this, I feel how like US our animals are. We go bounding happily forward, forgetting our age and our changing bodies. We come hobbling back, surprised that what used to be so easy is now so difficult. How can this be? We are mystified. Having names for it doesn’t help.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Yes, dear friend… Like Star, we are mystified.

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