Time For Restoration

ImageDuring this last week, I’ve been setting the stage for a week’s retreat at Cheaha State Park in Northern Alabama. I’ve been tired, distracted, forgetful at times, while some remarkably capable part of me has carried through my purpose. I have had encouragement from my dear best buddy, Kendall – who saw my need more clearly than I was able to – and I have made the necessary calls. The stone cabin perched on the bluff of Cheaha Mountain will be mine for several days, and perhaps, relieved of familiar patterns and demands, I will find the restoration I so long for.

Even as I tackled the difficult task of claiming space and allowing myself to  embark, the return of one of my wire angels -in sad need of her maker’s restorative hands – required my attention.  This too was tackled: a task that at first seemed almost impossible. So bent out of shape that her original form was in discernible, she almost begged for re-creation. I was in the mood for re-creation myself, so I understood.

As I held the poor misshapen creature in my hands, the weariness of my own body was forgotten. Or, perhaps, my recent sense of being battered by external circumstances took hope from my creative optimism. As my fingers untangled the hands of the angel and reshaped her fingers, I realized that there was something symbolic underway. So much of what she had become in recent years must be undone if she was to be made whole again. As I firmly, but tenderly stroked the wire into smoothness, my own mind seemed to smoothe and to release thoughts of defeat. The angel would never be as she had been before, and she would bear some scars into her new formation. But don’t we all bring the scars of past battles with us as we embrace new realities?


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One Response to “Time For Restoration”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Oh yes, Leif. We do bear those scars. I’m so glad you’re off to new re-creation. I hope you’re having a wonderful time. I’m just back from my attempt to do the same thing…wonderful to get a break sometimes, even from a fairly blissful life (mine). Yours is so much more difficult. I hope this nourishes you deeply.

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