Something about this image speaks to me. Is the leaf a boat adrift on a sea of rocks? Or is the leaf boat grounded on a rocky terrain? Either way she carries within all she needs to make progress on her journey: water to keep her afloat, and a sky full of light to guide her. Her apparent stillness is surely an illusion.

I am all for trusting the stillness these days if I possibly can. Around me the world is spinning in obvious ways. How can I let myself be, surrender to where I am now, having faith that the journey is happening? When I seem to be frozen in time, while life appears to flow on without me, can I yield to the inner flow…the fluid light that I am carrying within?


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One Response to “WHERE I AM”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Such a good idea. So difficult to trust. It goes against a lifetime of motivational training. But really–it’s a very good idea, if we just don’t beat ourselves up for being imperfect at it.

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