I was at home and in the mist,

I walked the familiar winding road alone.

I had left my friend

to the sun-bright stimulation of the city.

She too must walk alone,

the shadow of my presence a lingering memory,

a poignant glimpse as she brought her camera down.

As I brought my camera down,

the misty air exhaled the breath of absence

and I raised my camera yet again

to see my present world.

Where I am now:

in the mist of that sweet morning

with an image clearly returning

how I feel to be at home

in the beauty of transition.


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2 Responses to “IN THE MIST”

  1. Kendall Says:

    The words and the image complement each other perfectly. As I bring my camera down, I glimpse your mist and color in pixels on this screen. Your eye, your words, your exhalation bless the air that surrounds you as I inhale, going forward.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Sometimes Poetry generates more poetry. I needed to write this. It asked to be written, and your response helps me to understand my need. Thank you…

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