Angel Ballerina (Purposeful Flight) )These days are beautiful: cold, clear and brightly inviting. They affect my energy, pulling me out of my sleep, reminding me that the day ahead is too good to waste. Today I have already been taking pictures of another new angel. Took some with the Olympus yesterday, today with the Canon…changing the ISO to see what happens. Even took one last night in the low light of the night-time studio. With adjustments, she is “The firebird”. Fun! I am playing, learning, and I may be finding that I can meld this playful new medium with my other mediums. Where it will go I do not know, but freedom and surprise are the best parts of a creative life. I am gifted with renewal…and in some way that will be shared.

Working with this angel was different than my usual way of letting the wire lead me to what will be. I call her my Angel Ballerina because her posture is more controlled. There was more intention in her making. I wanted turnout and a high relevè position. I wanted her to rise straight up, her arms and hands more like lifting wings than the wings behind them. I wanted the purposeful push off to lift…even if the push is against the air. In doing this angel I asserted myself. I let go of passive to achieve what I wanted. She feels like a landmark. No wonder I have been photographing her like crazy. I want to remember.

Angel Ballerina (The Firebird)Last night I drove to East Beach with the dogs. This is one place where off the leash is allowed. It works better if no other people or dogs are present. This time I was gifted, not only with solitary beach time and free hands, but also by an absolute plethora of seagulls. A few pelicans, too, but primarily seagulls…swarming, swooping, diving, hovering. This was definitely a different sort of flight. They were crazed by some interior drive that I felt no need to understand. For me, their flight…their dance was a wild free ritual having everything to do with the setting sun, and I was priviledged, no…blessed to be participating. Camera in hand, I was limited but enthralled. Capturing what I saw and felt was impossible, yet I must join the dance, and bring back a small reminder.




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2 Responses to “MORE THAN ONE WAY TO FLY”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Two kinds of firebirds. Fire, flight, freedom, surprise. You have it all here, Leif, and I raise my wings, pushing against the air, flying with your firebirds in my mind’s imagination.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Thank you for joining the dance…for flying with us.

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