Music - Crossing The Threshold (1024x768) (3)I did not write about Christmas.

Christmas happened,

and I went along for the ride.

For the past three days of relative peace,

I have combed through photographic images:

countless accumulated images

cronicling Christmas.

There were shrimp boats, gaily decked with lights

in the nearby harbor,

trees with gifts and grandchildren nestled beneath,

a cemetary visit with wreathes to place

on the graves of loved ones,

granddaughter, Julia,

searching for fairies in a brand new pop-up book.

Yet the image that hovers most invitingly

as I contemplate the beginning of this new year

is of Music dog crossing a threshold of sorts,

taking the first step onto the sunlit bricks

that lead to our home.

He has stepped into light and paused

as though contemplating further committment.

I project, of course, thinking…

out of the old year, into the new.

In truth,

I love the simplicity of this image.

It appeals to my longing

to take my time

to savor the gesture that carries me forward.

I would contemplate this moment now:

this place of light and shadow

is enough.


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  1. Kendall Says:

    You did it! Exactly enough.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Thank you, Kendall. A great relief by simple means.

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