WaitingExploring the terain of where I live and

seeing it through photographic images,

I am also on an exploration of

my individual perceptions.

What pleases me about a photograph

may not always be the clarity of

shell, of bird, of tree, of face

or the rippled luminosity of

the water’s surface.

This shell is clear

as is the marvelous sand carved out by

the high-tide action of the waves.

But what about this little family of ducks?

Family PortraitI don’t know why it pleases me so much,

except that as I zoomed in close

on this delightful group,

I fell in love.

I took some clearer shots.

Yet when I opened this one and

took in the colors and the textures,

it was like peering closely at

the water lilies of  Monet in

the L’Orangerie of Paris.

The blur of pattern, dashes of color

so entranced me that

I fell into deeper love with Monet,

and with the little ducks.

Even before I took the photograph,

I had been drawn

to images that blurred the edges of


Come to think of it,

I lived a life that blured the edges.

Loon In LightI also love this loon that swam

so quickly out of the frame that

I must drop the leashes of my dogs

in frensied pursuit.

The loon is blurred,

but look how proud he is

to leave me in his wake.

I wake up every morning with

my mind and body blurred by sleepy dreams,

but East beach waits for me.

Simply releasing the little dogs

and walking freely toward

the water’s edge

wakes me to the beauty of familiar dances.

Dancer With True PoiseMy mind is clear

as I take in the immediacy of

a wading heron.

Clarity be damned,

I love the poise of this bird.

She is immobile, yet she moves.

Her windblown tresses don’t deny

the firmness of her stance,

her readiness to dance.

Always opinions will differ as to

(What is Art?).

And what brings joy to the eye

is individual as well.

Mixed Media by Nature (768x1024) (2)Art happens to be a reference point to me,

because of my upbringing

as an artist’s daughter.

I can’t help seeing painterly hues,

sculpted forms, dancing gestures…

in nature and in photographs of nature.

Thank heaven for the pleasure of the seeing.


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  1. Kendall Says:

    Artist’s daughter and artist yourself. How can you not take pleasure in these images? They are so dear and tender, so deftly stolen from the onward rush of time. Each one says Thank You, I see you. I am awake, loving the rush of images and out of the rush, out of the continual flow, choosing this one. And this one. And oh yes! my god, this one.

  2. chbo1 Says:

    Awesome photos! I love the simplicity and calmness of them. i wish i could capture things like that on my blog. Good job!

  3. leiflife Says:

    Oh yes… You know the way of it. And as you have said before: We worship with our eyes.

  4. darleneolivo Says:

    Leif, allow me to join Kendall in praising your work and your artist’s soul. These are gorgeous, and I love how you mentioned Matisse because when I saw that first one w/ the shell, I thought of Dali’s Persistence of Memory–somehow the shell evoked the shape of one of his watches. Keep at it, keep sharing. Thank you so much.

    • leiflife Says:

      Darlene, thank you so much for your affirming comment. I needed to do this particular blog post to help me to affirm my present mode of expression. I will look at your blog.

      • darleneolivo Says:

        Leif, as an artist, I know what self-doubt is, so I can appreciate your needing outside affirmation. Please let me reassure you that I stand in awe of your talents: dancer, poet/write, and now photographer. Coming from your gene pool, you’ve made excellent use of your creative heritage.

  5. leiflife Says:

    Thank you so much for this, Darlene. I did visit your blog and found the writing strong and brave. You are such a writer, and generous with your sharing.

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