Dear Little Tern 006 (1024x766) (2)Each time I walk onto the beach and see

the enormous expanse of familiar beauty,

I take out my camera, hoping each time

it will bring me closer…

to union with what I see.

Yet within the small window,

the beauty seems smaller;

even more out of reach

is the object I seek.

A dear little Tern…so loved by my eye,

recedes; her sweet edges blur.

I pull on the lever to bring her closer,

and the small tern…seeming to sense my need,

comes out of the water and onto the sand.

 She is charming; she charms,

yet distraction saves me:

Seagulls are squawking,

and a heron appears.

East Beach Birds 027 (1024x768) (2)East Beach Birds 034 (1024x956) (2)My love is divided.

I have been here before…

as the heron walks

right out of the frame.

And where are my dogs?

It is time to pursue,

to capture and coax them

into the car.

Feeling free for the moment,

I walk down the road,

I am more than ready

for a different view.

Dance of The Green Briar 040 (1024x742) (2)And here I am, suddenly…

raptly aware

of a green briar vine dancing.

All strain drops away.

No need to zoom;

I lean into the dance…

Dance of The Green Briar 041 (1024x735) (2)breathe into the dance…

I am one with the dance I see.

Dance of The Green Briar 037 (1024x716) (2)


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One Response to “ZOOMING IN”

  1. joelatrpg Says:

    I like the beautiful pictures of the terns on the ocean:)

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