Azalea and Wisteria in ConcertI am here to affirm

my world in bloom.

The obvious blooms declare the spring,

perfuming the air

attracting the senses.

They romance the eye

and the camera clicks.

Later we open a window and realize

what we have seen.

I am here to open windows

on a blooming world.


Yet blooming can be as subtle as a dream,

as tender and mysterious

as a sigh,

or a tear that no one notices.

It can be a profound response

to changes that no one can see.

Blooming can be a secret thing

disguised as a flower.

Essence of Azalea


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2 Responses to “IN BLOOM”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Two old gals blooming, each in our own ways, here we are.

  2. Linda French Wittmann Says:

    So lovely! Spring always offers such Hope! Love the little Wisteria!

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