Pears Variations (Color) 066 (1024x768) Canon (2)I rarely buy pears;

their mild white flesh –

though loaded with juice –

is not to my taste.

Yet recently browsing at Rouse’s Supermarket,

I found myself standing and gazing admiringly

at pears.

Piled up in the usual

abundant and precarious manner

of supermarket fruit,

they appeared to be winking,

exposing the rosy flush on their cheeks

to my (I confess it) susceptible eye.

I surrendered.

??????????????????????Once at home with my pears,

I figured it out:

the eye that had stopped me in front of the pears

was the eye of the recently ordained photographer.

And the poor dear pears,

delectable as they are to some,

were soon posed and posed again

on the usual black drape.

The drape was becoming

to the yellow-green pears

with their blushing cheeks.

The lovely pear shape was enhanced to perfection.

But form calls to form.

??????????????????????After shooting countless variations

of pear unto pear,

I recalled a particular sculpture

that might lend itself

to the arrangement.

She was one of several abstract figures

done in the nineties,

and I found her to be complimentary

to the pears.

They seemed to be getting rather tired,

but they perked up considerably

in her motherly presence.

Who would have thought

that the figure’s attitude would be maternal?

??????????????????????Yet I watched

as she leaned,


and even hid her charges,

in case of harm.

Before this particular story

came to end,

I sensed that the motherly one

was becoming overwrought,

a bit bent out of shape by responsibility.

Not that she didn’t continue to do her best.


So I knew when the story must reach its completion.

The pears must return to their natural state,

as food to be placed in the fridge

for eventual consumption.

Perhaps a salad of arugula, walnuts, pears

and Wensleydale cheese…

Oh dear…

As for the sculpture,

having played her part

as model for an avid photographer…

and mother to pears,

She was carried carefully back to

her place on a shelf,

alone with her memories,

but strong in her solitude.

Possibly thankful for the experience

of mothering pears…

and of letting them go.



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One Response to “A STORY OF TWO PEARS”

  1. Kendall Says:

    You said it all! I can testify with you!

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