My feet on Rug (1024x939) (2)…or not to dance.

A place defined…

yet not defined

by life’s accumulated dances.

A small inviting place

to be the me

uncluttered by the years.

A softly yielding place

for my old feet to stand forgetful

of accumulated dances

and of life.

Old feet, dear feet…

Dear carriers

of all my hopes and dreams

and failed attempts

to tell my story through the language of the body.

Old body…

Poor tired body

having given birth

to endless dances, love affairs and


now you bear yourself.

Yourself – so scarred and torn

by life’s compulsion to keep happening –

 you even bear our younger self:

her body still pristine and strong,

still lingering in the wings of possibility.

She asks repeatedly:

“Why don’t you dance?”,

and does not want to hear

the sad refrain:

“I am exhausted from a life of constant dances.”

I need a place to be completely free

of expectations of the dance of me.

I need a place…


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7 Responses to “A PLACE TO DANCE”

  1. Kat Says:

    beautiful feet, strong feet, dancer’s feet, walker’s feet, mother’s feet, lover’s feet, lovely…

  2. leiflife Says:

    Dearest Kat… Here you are being the friend you have always been, coming forward at just the right moment with just the right response. Love… Lovely you…

  3. Nita Wilson Says:

    You are an incredible poet, Leif. I love reading your art. I would like a copy of this for Merrie.

  4. Kendall Says:

    You do need a place to be completely free of expectations. I am watching as you find such a place and build such a place for yourself. That is the work for this era. For now, it’s a rug. That’s a beginning. Dear lovely rug, inviting you to be uncluttered and forgetful, inviting you to the still place where the dance is.

  5. leiflife Says:

    Here you are, Kendall, writing what I thought I would write…of the dear lovely rug and what it is giving me these days. But I let the words flow…and they would flow the way they would. I had to trust.
    I have to trust.

  6. Kendall Says:

    I love the flow of your words, Leif. Where do you think I got those words? From you! Always trust them.

  7. leiflife Says:

    Oh Nita… Thanks for your faith in an alternate path for the dance to take. Of course I will copy the poem and see that you get a copy for sweet Merrie.

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