Magnolia (Receiving The Light)In the beginning

the flower opens in all innocence.

Mouth stretches wide in trust

to receive the light.

Light fills the waiting cup.

Light drenches the flawless petals.

Light transforms the willing flower

to reflect the light.

Behold the innocent Magnolia,

humble messenger of light…

Magnolia (The Dance)before the dance unfurls.

Here is the flower at its most compelling.

Full-bodied and free,

the flawless petals yield themselves

to individual gestures.

Each petal is unique in its response.

Each petal quivers in it’s separate delight.

While one petal may stay curled close

to its beginnings,

others risk the grand ecstatic reaching for release.

Forgetful of the light,

or clinging to its source

they all continue…

Magnolia (Letting Go) 022 (1024x772) (2)to reflect the light.

Life happens to them

even as they seem to choose their dance.

Bruises, tears and brown spots

mar each petal.


they lie down

and the source reclaims them,

uniting them:

one flower yielding

to the LIGHT.


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4 Responses to “POEM IN THREE PARTS”

  1. Kendall Says:

    That is exactly how it is for us all. Beautifully written, and I love the way the words and images enhance each other and dance together. Three beautiful pictures, one in color, the three in relation to each other, perfect arrangement.

    “even as they seem to choose”…is it choice, or the illusion of choice? We wonder.

    I’m at the brown-spot stage myself. I suppose what we all hope is that we will yield with grace, light returning to light, when it’s time to leave the withered and curled petals behind to fertilize the next season’s growth.

  2. Nita Wilson Says:

    Again, Leif, you are an amazing poet. AND photographer. Never knew anyone could find something new and delightful to say about that sad old flower, she’s been over worked, over adored, and over painted, but you did girl. Beautiful.

  3. leiflife Says:

    Thanks Nita… Maybe that’s why I did the post. To resurrect the sad old flower. Remind a few of her surpassing beauty.

  4. leiflife Says:

    Thank you, darling friend, for your response. I struggled a little with yet another flower photo, but my desire to use these photos and expressed how they moved me one out. I knew you would understand.

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