Chameleon in All It's Glory 024 (1024x554) (2)Sometimes –

the world is too much with me:

I find myself riding waves

produced by questionable sources.

Things happen this way:

no blame, no shame.

A moment of distracted weariness,

and the current catches me.

I am caught frequently of late,

yet  as I  drift from this to that –

small creatures appear

and beckon me to stillness.

Bright green chameleon winks at me

as I emerge from some ordeal.

He seems aware of his affect,

and as I click,

displays his eagerness to be admired.

Devil's Walking Stick (Hitching A Ride) 028 (1024x768) (2)A Devil’s Walking Stick

compels me to

“Pull over please.”

Tiny, yet imposing,

he  is not to be ignored.

The hot moist air

caresses me as I click.

Oh Hermit Crab…

Your solitary splendor draws my eye

Hermit Crab on Log (The Tide is Rising) 007 (1024x736) (3)as I walk the dogs in the Inner Harbor Park.

Pulled forward by my canine darlings,

I am yearning

for the still small point of the dance.

Finding you

is a little bit of Heaven…

A reason to assert myself…

The dogs stand still.

Oh bliss…

to lean against the railing of the pier

absorbed by beauty;

to witness change as the water rises;

see you calmly holding firm

no matter what.

School of Minnows (A Few are Blue) 040 (1024x543) (2)An early morning appointment

has me rushing again,

yet I pause for a walk

in a waterside park close to home.

Fortunate me

discovers a school of minnows swimming

just beneath the surface of the water.

They catch the light in charming ways

and lead me a merry chase.

As I aim my camera

and dash to aim again,

the dogs are confused…

entangled in their leashes.

Yet I must follow the stream

of luminous motion

to reach the still small point of the dance.


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8 Responses to “SMALL CREATURES”

  1. Doug Says:

    Love this! Love you!

  2. Kendall Says:

    Pure joy. I start and stop with you, see, click, marvel with you. Each gift is its own small miracle, and the minnows, the shadow and the many minnows the most miraculous of all.

    • leiflife Says:

      Pure Joy! This is what I wanted to share. Wanted with my whole being to convey….move the gift beyond me. Since our talk this morning, this seems a bit odd, but it is true. And the minnows, which happened that very morning, are my favorite, too. Thank you, darling friend.

  3. Nita Wilson Says:

    Beautiful. You said yesterday, you didn’t want to read your poetry without your pictures and indeed, the pictures are so charming, I feel like I am standing watching the creature with you, but both
    stand alone in their beauty… your words and your photography.

  4. matthew lee Says:

    Thanks Leif. Sometimes when I am self absorbed, I have the same experience of being woken up by a small creature. A grasshopper shows up on the roof of the building where I work, 14 stories up. Or a bug that looks like a leaf waits at my door to my house.
    In the late summer, there are these bugs that like to ride on my sailboat sails around sunset. Hundreds of them take a ride with me as I head in for the day.

    • leiflife Says:

      Dearest Matthew, I am not at all surprised that you experience the wake-up that nature provides for us at just the right moment. Your awareness, sensitivity, and talent are remembered with affection.

  5. leiflife Says:

    Thank you for your affirmation. I do know that some of the poetry can stand alone. It is just that these poems are written especially to conjoin with the photos. Even so, your faith in what I am doing right now means so much. Your accompaniment… I am reminded of when we prepared for amateur night together in high school. Kay hunter (bless her) played for your singing, my dancing.

    I so enjoyed hearing you tell about your writing experience on Saturday. Love…

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