Seedtime or (Gossamer Womb)Returning from Portland, Oregon –

and a two week visit with Kendall

(best buddy in the world) –

my life-long friend,

I find myself waiting

for the promise realized there.

I was bathed in Beauty and companionship,

even as I luxuriated in time to rest.

Over the days

I felt myself gently lifted

from beneath the weight

of accumulated exhaustion.

Seeds of hope were planted that I might heal

from various maladies

oppressing my spirit in recent months.

I return bearing gifts:

 internal seeds of faith in my renewal.

Portland Trip (Look What I Found) A Cherry Birch Tree 288 (768x1024) (2)In the Oregon forest,

we discovered a magical tree

wrapped round with ribbons

(a Cherry Birch we were told).

But for us, the magical realm of fairies was evoked.

A childlike wonder wrapped us round the tree.

And elderly as we obviously are,

we frolicked in its ambiance.

Oh, child-like joy remembered,

please dance me back to Kendall:

our mutual pleasure

our freedom in the moment!

Yet I am where I am,

one week and a whole day’s airplane journey removed.

I have returned to obvious loss:

Another lifelong friend

died unexpectedly during my absence,

and Sunny, my glorious orange cat,

is missing.

Sunny On An Evening WalkTo be honest, I feel bereft

in the wake of so much gain,

though I have no doubt that I have gained.

And part of me knows I am

companioned still.

Both lifelong friends are in my heart:

And Sunny –

though he shared my life for a while –

was always alert to the call of the wild.

So…I try to remember

the seeds of my healing.

I wait for the light to ripen them

and for the wind to blow.

Portland Trip (Seeds Cocooned in Light) 258 (3) (1024x765)


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5 Responses to “SEEDTIME”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Beautiful images, Leif, and beautiful words. How can we hold all of it, all at once? Death, disappearance, seeds of possibility. All in the context of exhaustion. Rest. Take time. You know–you always know. You say it so well: wait for the light to ripen them and for the wind to blow. Wait for your feelings to come home, for your molecules to settle, for your heart to accommodate to the loss. I’m sorry for the losses, hopeful for the seeds, and full of wonderful memories from our two weeks in July.

    • leiflife Says:

      Dearest Kendall, This simple blog post did help me to accept what I know. It is, again, time for infinite patience. And trust… Thank you for your poetic and wise response…and for the wonderful memories of our two weeks in July. Love…

  2. Brent Funderburk Says:

    Sunny. Nothing is lost in the spirit. And just as I decided to call my upcoming WAMA show “Solar Myths”. The story is told; dance is always dancing. See and believe. AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING the trace of your suffering/ecstasy- leading to magnificence!

    • leiflife Says:

      You are right, of course… Yet I have FELT lost in the face of loss. Being the soulful artist and friend that you are, you know manifesting the truth of one’s particular moment can lead to greater understanding…and a broader, more universal perception. I feel a little better today. The rain outside makes my cocooning more attractive. Yes, dear friend. See and Believe.

      “SOLAR MYTHS”!

  3. Playamart - Zeebra Designs Says:

    you have such a gift! z

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