Dragonfly on Ladder 012 (1024x987) (2)A Dragonfly makes silent music

and yet I have heard it for all of my days.

As a dancing child,

I followed its lilting tune…

it’s arabesque of flight.

My imagination

attached pearlescent wings

to the angular blades protruding

from my childish back.

Loud and clear, the whirring duet

we played together

accompanied our dips and rises,

loops and hoverings.

Our landings were a crescendo

that no else could hear.

Dragonfly on Rocks 014 (1024x767) (2)During my middle years,

the Dragonflies’ song was an invitation

to engage in a passionate pas de deux…

et trois, et quatres.

Love is the dance I mean

in its various guises.

Harmonies and disharmonies

were interwoven.

I often wept as we flew.

Entranced by the multitudinous mating dance

accomplished in mid-air,

my lover of the moment –

sharing my bliss –

 heard the melting notes of a cello,

and I fell with him into the wet grass

forgetting the dragonflies.

Dragonfly on Trash Can 015 (1024x791) (3)Now as I listen

for the very last movement

of this long sonata,

the dragonflies seem scarce…

their music not easily heard.

When I see one,

my old heart still rouses

at the longed for opportunity

to join the dance again.

Yet these days

even the dragonfly’s flight

seems more labored than before.

The soaring notes of childhood

are simply not there;

the sensuous drawn out love-dance

is a vague and uncomfortable memory.

Now the weighted silence

of the solitary diva

is profoundly beautiful…

 though dying out.


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2 Responses to “DRAGONFLY SONATA”

  1. Kendall Says:

    A beautiful sequence of photographs and words, pearlescent notes dancing in a sonata like no other. It is right and necessary for the song to die out, and yet while it can, it sings with all its heart.

  2. leiflife Says:

    You respond so immediately, as though you had been present for the whole dance…the entire sonata. It was such a relief to sing this with all my heart.

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