Perceiving Pearl

Pearl (A Different Perspective or Let There Be Pearl) 021 (1024x768) (2)Pearl, the tiny cat I discovered in a shelter cage, has taken over the largest space in my home. Her perspective on life has greatly expanded. Her demands that I join her in her merry romp are persistent. She is the most vocal of any cat I have known. I don’t mean yowls for attention. This tiny creature has an enormous vocabulary. The fact that she speaks in a different language does not make her any less clear in her desire. Says Pearl:

I require a certain amount of exercise (and so do you). It is definitely more fun with a companion. The best kind of exercise feels like play, Cat toys work beautifully for this. A wagging dog tail can be inspiring, but your dogs have gotten a little slow on their feet. Poor aged beasts. Now I know…you perceive yourself as aged these days. Physical infirmities have loomed large in your life of late. But really, sometimes you just have to move through the pain, and this is done best by focusing on cat cuteness. Or, if you will, on feline beauty. You know you have a weakness for beauty. Just look at me. I can fill up your world. It’s all a dance.

You see… She is very persuasive…persistence in small cat form. I am frequently won over. For example, This photo was taken while on my back. I aimed the camera over my head and shot. The image was upside down at the time. I often find myself on the floor…on a level with Pearl. And she appreciates my efforts.

Pearl  (Love Happens) 020 (1024x734) (2)Yes, Pearl has her moments of affection…mostly when she is satisfied and pleasantly tired.  I think she likes me. She came close to an Eskimo kiss the other day. And occasionally – in the night – I wake to feel the soft, warm weight of a sleeping cat against my back. Her favorite place to sleep – at least in the daytime – is in the cubby of a cat tower which, during Sunny’s reign, was used as a plant stand. Even for Pearl, an expanded life can become overwhelming. We all need havens for repose.

Pearl Contentment 018 (1024x911) (2)


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3 Responses to “Perceiving Pearl”

  1. Kendall Says:

    What a treasure you’ve found, Leif! I’m glad you found her, and I’m sure she’s glad you did. You write wonderfully about her. She’s beautiful, and that middle picture shows her affectionate nature. There’s a great little video about Manx cats here:

  2. leiflife Says:

    She is a treasure…and the mutual gratitude is more and more apparent. Her affection makes rare appearances, so even more treasurable. The top picture shows that “Manx” stance you told me about. Probably not pure Manx (Her face isn’t round), but the tail is obvious…and she can be quite dog-like. She definitely considers herself to be one of my crew. She is indignant that she isn’t invited along for outdoor walks. Thanks for the video; it was fun to see.

  3. Kendall Says:

    You’re welcome. Thanks for the post. She is impossible not to love.

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