Shearwater Annex with Spiderweb 067 (2)


I think I want more

 than the life that I have.

I sense

I am being engulfed by sameness.

I find myself yearning for something different…

something new.

Something appears…

Does it matter what it is?

I have found an escape from the web of sameness.

A youthful joy is aroused in my breast.

Joy leaps toward newness

even as old fears surface…

doubts assail.

I am overwhelmed as joy sings to me of hope,

as doubt and fear do their best

to dampen Joy’s enthusiasm.

It doesn’t take much:

a little compensatory beauty will do the trick.

I have learned well the art of redirection,

and though I can feel the ache

of joy’s diminishment…

I show her the enchanting dance

of a young night heron

feeding on the grassy bank.

Young Night Heron (Fishing) 117 (1024x744) (2)

Dear little joy;

she does love nature’s creatures…

and the camera is fun.

She smiles at the back and forth sway

of the young heron’s fishing dance

as I take a picture.

Together…we can almost forget

what might have been.


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  1. Brent Funderburk Says:

    “Compensatory”! All revolves around this volley in time and space. But, around a center. You hit it perfectly when you say, “I show her…”; when 2 become 1, there is Oneness. (a Third Thing) There is a Center. There is the Autonomous as the relative dances around it. But only glimpsed as a glint in that “trick”!

  2. leiflife Says:

    That old third thing, Brent… Thank Heaven for that third thing. And for YOU.

    • Brent Funderburk Says:

      We join at the Third Thing! Watching Ken Burns “William Segal” film. Exactly what we are talking about. Only available used on Amazon. About 15 bucks. I recommend! THANK YOU, LEIF FOR DARING TO ASK EACH MOMENT ABOUT LIFE. It answers/gives more back, if one can wait. Little faith! I am a mite. But faith can make a Mighty Mite.

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