Held by The Light 098 (1024x768) (2)This is the haven of beauty and kindness

that held my recovering body

for nine days after my surgery.

A Room For Heealing 113 (1024x746) (2)My room looked out on the porch

and the water beyond.

A pastel by my grandmother graced the wall.

Pearl (A Chilly Morning) 009 (1024x777) (3)Pearl was welcome,

and she tiptoed into a new world

with delicacy and aplomb.

Pearl (Can I Come In...) 027 (752x1024) (2)My little cat loved the big porch,

but she never stayed long away

from her recovering human.

Morning paper and Get-well Roses) 018 (768x1024) (2)Each morning

I peered through my get-well roses

at my cousin, Marjorie, reading her paper.

Broken and Beautiful 096 (1024x738) (2)Out in front 0f the house

a broken pier reminds me of Hurricane Katrina.

Broken can be beautiful.

A New Look 062 (748x1024) (2)

While my right arm heals

my left arm explores new realms of activity,

even taking an occasional photograph.

Taken During stay 003Occasional bouts of despair came close,

then were flown away

on the wings of beauty and kindness.


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  1. Helen Ray Hutchinson Says:

    Thank you, thank you, Leif. I was in the audience for some of your earliest dance performances at the Pottery. Your Leiflife postings are such a joy for me.

  2. Playamart - Zeebra Designs Says:

    you are SO talented! my favorite photo is of pearl peering through the window and the hummingbird feeder in the background! please don’t feel obligated to reply, though i couldn’t let these amazing images slip by w/o acknowledging their beauty!

    • leiflife Says:

      I love that image, too. Pearl is such a character. I have discovered a passion for photography late in life. But doesn’t intense creative energy tend to find many outlets?

      • Playamart - Zeebra Designs Says:

        yes; as i often say, the artist’s eye never rests!’ it’s a blessing and sometimes a curse, though i am so grateful to be able to see beauty in shadow and light where many see right past it!
        thanks so much for your super kind comment; when i find my way back to mississippi, i would love to meet you!
        your kindred spirit in ecuador,

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