Butterfly Play 033 (1024x768) (2)

I am here to give thanks

for the mercy of play.

In the midst of a daunting

and frequently painful process,

I call upon play as my savior.

Even as I grieve for lost mobility

and pray for courage to continue moving

through the pain,

I am alert to opportunities.

Perhaps I search for opportunities.

A butterfly mobile attracts the morning light,

and I take up my camera

placing myself in the midst.

Pears, brought home for their beauty

rather than their edibility,

inspire the playful sprite in me…

while confusing little Star.

Aww Mama (Star with Pears) (750x1024) (2)

Pearl is much more comprehending of the game.

playful self-portraits, pets and pears, fall, bedroom furniture 086 (695x1024)

Held captive where I am (still not driving),

and captivated by my physical condition,

I look around me.

Hunger for amusement makes my home

a place of vast amusement,

So I dive in with my little camera

and my simple requirements.

A Rocker That Floats 133 (745x1024) (2)

I find that I can thank heaven

for the playful approach

even when the world I inhabit

seems less than playful.


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One Response to “THE MERCY OF PLAY”

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs Says:

    your sense of wit and humor comes through!

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