Oranges (Intact) 049 (777x1024) (2)

Lou Ann and I

have been missing each other.

Since the surgery left me

in a solitary free fall…

reaching yet unable to catch hold,

we have been calling, leaving messages,

just missing the sound of one another’s voice.

No face to face encounter has been possible

no chance to catch up on

the equally difficult passages

we have faced.

We have a history

beginning when at age eleven

she came to me to learn to dance.

I gave her opportunities to

leap, twirl, soar;

to realize freedom of expression

through her dancing body.

She gave me living proof that a child could dance

from the moment she was awakened

to the possibility.

She gave me friendship that could survive

beyond the dance.

She is a determined sort of friend,

yet capable of affording space when needed.

This was why I found the gift of oranges

outside my door.

I brought the glorious gift inside

inhaling the freshness

of fruit picked lovingly from her tree,

and checked out the other items she had included.

Carrot cake: I took a bite.

A little book: I opened it and read the word “love”.

There were gloves to soften the hands,

and chap stick to soften the lips.

There was even a card that said:

“One step at a time.”

And finally, to add a little magic to the stepping…

there were ruby slippers.

Ruby Slippers 099 (1024x741) (2)

 These I put on…

and did a little happy dance in response.

Oh Lou Ann!

Then I photographed oranges

with and without Pearl’s help.

Oranges (with Pearl the Sphynx 041 (1024x731) (2)

Her interest was profound.

Oranges (with Pearl) 038 (1024x768) (2)

And thorough…

But the tart sweet inside of the orange

was not to her taste.

Oranges (Opened and Succulant) 079 (1024x768) (2)

It was to mine.

Oranges (Time To Taste) (1024x756) (2)

Oranges are as photogenic

as they are delicious.

Oranges (The Beauty of Completion) 092 (1024x768) (2)

The pleasure of partaking of an orange

can be prolonged.

The pleasures of true friendship

are eternal…

especially when wearing ruby slippers.


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  1. Darling and Sir Says:

    I’m loving the ruby slippers. I want some!
    Oranges are perfect. Have you read The Christmas Orange?
    Speedy recovery to you.

    ~ Darling

  2. LouAnn sekul Says:

    My dear Leif, I am so happy you enjoyed the gifts. I loved the blog it made me happy to see your beautiful pictures and read your kind words. Sending you love and prayers. So thankful for our friendship all these many years!

    • leiflife Says:

      Sweet LouAnn… I loved doing the blog post, but even more, playing with and eating the wonderful oranges…wearing the ruby slippers. Me too…thankful. Me too…sending love and prayers.

  3. Gel Says:

    Your space looks like a good place to dance….the comforts of home around the perimeter and space to move in the middle…just how I like it.

    All the photos are beautiful.

    I love your celebration of your friendship. Yes speedy recovery.

  4. leiflife Says:

    Dear Gel… It is lovely to have your affirmation of my space. Sometimes I think that I have over cluttered the room that was made for teaching and dancing. Other times I think that the balance of living and dancing is a true reflection of what I believe in. Thank you… And I am recovering, but moment by moment is the way.

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