Flying Mind (Wire Sculpture) 056 (768x1024) (2)

Last week – in the midst of Christmas preparations – I digressed, meandered over to a cupboard full of odds and ends. I opened a door and removed a sculpted wire face…a mask of sorts made sometime last year. I also extracted a pair of wings. I can’t remember why I made them, or why they remained unattached; my mind has continued to seem slow and sluggish…still affected by anesthesia, pain medication, and the body’s urge to rest. But now my hands were quick to join wings to brow. I saw that the two were one, and it was good. My spirit immediately lifted. It was as though the months of incapacitation (mind and body) were finally yielding  to another reality. Even as my mind would seem to recoil from effort, my body/arm to flinch from the push to accomplish former mobility, some part of me remembered flight. Some part of me still believes in a flying mind.

Where might the mind go

if we bless its journey –

bid it farewell –

step back and trust its flight.


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