My cat is alert

to the coming of spring;

she vibrates to every sight, sound, smell

of life’s return.

I, on the other hand,

am slow to believe.

I linger in the waning light

of  winter camellias.

White Camelia in The Waning Light

I bow my head…

subdue my trembling response

to snowdrops rising

from their bed of green.

My doubtful mind produces

shades of gray

yet, thankfully, cannot extinguish

the flowers’ light.

Snow Drops in Early Spring (black and white) 016 (1024x768) (3)

When spring decides itself,

even reluctant eyes

must see eventually

the signs that force the earth to yield.

The beacons – be they small –

are everywhere

appearing on a dreary morning

to amaze the heart.

Cascade of Beauty (768x1024) (768x1024) (2)


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