Praying Woman Pot on Black 096 (587x1024) (2)

This praying woman

appeared on  a pot

not long before losing Star.

The little dog was fading

and other things were contributing also

to a pervading sadness.

I sat in the annex with the other women

and willed my hand to draw something other

than a female figure

weighted with what I was feeling.

Yet I found that I was rubbing out more

than I was drawing.

Surrender gave me the truth:

a sorrowing woman appealing for mercy.

Praying Woman Pot on Black 8 103 (582x1024) (2)

And mercy came in the form of angels:


plump and earthy with determined love.

Praying Woman Pot on Black 4 100 (601x1024) (2)

Generous and wise

as children can be,

they danced in the woman’s night sky…

and with them came stars.

Praying Woman Pot 2 (on black) 098 (602x1024) (2)

Sweet natures,

whether in children or angels…

or dear little dogs  –

always and innocently –

bring comfort.

Woman Serene (Starlight) 107 (635x1024) (2)



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4 Responses to “PRAYING WOMAN”

  1. Gel Says:

    I love how you allow things to emerge in your art. It seems there is a humility there, that you show up and bring your self to a creative process with some idea of your own, but you let go of the idea if you recognize it isn’t flowing. And you seem to listen to what wants to emerge and then you let it move you and through you.

    My interactions with the garden show me that there is always dieing going on even in the midst of the upsurge of new spring growth and blossomings. This comforts me and helps me accept the natural declines and losses that happen in life. AND that sorrow and mourning are as important as joy.

    Thanks for sharing your process and your art.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Gel, thank you for your generous and insightful response. I often have to quiet the critic who wants to suppress the truth. But the truth will out…the revelation must happen. You know and your garden knows. Bless you…

  3. Gel Says:

    Hi again,
    I’ve come back to take another look at the praying woman….I keep looking and more is apparent to me. There is so much conveyed in the simple lines…the expression of sorrow on her face and the aging beautiful body and the expressions in the faces of the angels. It all tells the story. Plus the star above the head of the praying woman is probably your dear departed but ever-present Star dog.

    I like how you portray the shape of a woman’s body. It seems real and beautiful without fitting sterotypes. I can see the strong vertical dimension through each part of your piece and this is uplifting. At the same time there is something playful and gently relaxed about everything.

    Seeing your process reminds me of my own….my own creative process that I want to get back into. So thank you for the reminder.

    • leiflife Says:

      Dear gel, I have been slow to write a response ( not slow in responding), and your beautiful words mean so much…that another person sees so clearly the message of one’s heart is an amazing thing. And I am thankful.

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