Great Blue Heron (Inner Harbor) 002 (2)

Great Blue Herons

are a very familiar shore bird

where I live.

They perch on fishing piers

and fish in the marshes.

They wade along shorelines

and nest in tall pine trees.

They fly overhead

with a startling, raucous cry.

They are as beautiful and strange

as they are familiar.

Great Blue 030 (1024x680) (3)

In recent weeks

I have found myself beguiled

by a particularly dashing bird.

Coy and seductive,

ready to pose for as long as I aim my camera…

Of course I am entranced.

In the morning –

turning just so in the bright-lit water –

he casts a shadow

on his handsome feathered back.

In the evening

he leads me among the pier posts,

shows me his mirrored image.

He fills my mind

and causes my heart to linger

in heron-land.

No wonder I danced with him

on the surface of my most recent pot.


No wonder I shamelessly lounged

in the marshes he frequents…

Heron Pot on Art Table 057 (1024x683) (2)

kicking my legs in the air

and  basking in his presence.

Heron Pot on Art Table 055 (1024x683) (2)

No wonder I celebrate my love

for the constant bird


by bringing my heart to my art.


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8 Responses to “LOVE AMONG THE HERONS”

  1. allentimphotos2 Says:

    Very nice reflection on the first photo.

  2. Gel Says:

    I don’t know how you get so much love and beauty and story and expression on ONE piece of pottery!

    It’s so beautiful.

    I just had a thought …..that it would be interesting to see the photos of the pot first. And then read the words after. I think I’ll try that with your next post.

    This is a beautiful love story. Thank you. I love how you keep dancing and making art.

  3. leiflife Says:

    Gel… Here you are again; ever responsive…sharing yourself as you affirm the work of others. I do so appreciate you. Sometimes it is so difficult to make yet another blog post…to tell the story as thoroughly as I feel compelled to do it. It takes time, but it seems to be part of the process. A completion…from working on the pot; to taking photographs and editing them; to writing and assembling the post and my thoughts and feelings. I want it to be easier, yet life is not easy. It is rich and glorious and very, very hard. Love makes it worthwhile, art makes it worthwhile. People such as you make it worthwhile. Thank you…and take care.

    • Gel Says:

      I like hearing what you are sharing about the long process of your creations. It makes sense that the process includes the photos and blog writing poetry/summary. Yes – I can understand that it is very hard, even though the final post looks lovely and graceful.

      Love and Art and people-connections make all the hard work worthwhile. I’m going to remember that.

      And just in case you didn’t know, your blog has been a part of my healing process….just to visit and read and feel what you offer is helpful to me.


      • leiflife Says:

        Gel… There could be no greater thing than to contribute to another’s healing while working on my own. Thank you for the empathic connection.

  4. Kendall Says:

    I think of Dylan Thomas speaking of ‘the heron-priested shore’ and then I turn to your writing, which is far more detailed and rich. Wonderful pot, wonderful heron, wonderful photographs!

  5. leiflife Says:

    Dearest Kendall, thank you for this…for SEEING my journey so clearly…and for sharing yours. ‘the heron-priested shore’… Wonderful!

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