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Mother’s Day – Another Way

May 9, 2010

My baby grandson has gifted me with another cold. This means that on this day when the world is celebrating mothers, this mother takes a break from motherhood and grandmotherhood. My germs make me less than helpful and, therefore, less desirable to all save me. Left to myself, I am free to embrace myself: congested sinuses, sore throat, and acheing body. These loveable infirmities allow me to relieve my children of the obligational gestures that the world dictates. Brief phone calls were just right: the satisfying sound of a beloved voice and one is free to move within one’s sphere of choice – or not to move.

Imagine celebrating freedom from motherhood. What a radical idea! Can one be mother and be liberated from the act of mothering? At least the sacrificial and compulsive act that drains the mother and leaves the child unsatisfied. Sitting here in my unwellness, I dare to pray for something better.