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April 17, 2014

Green Heron in Grasses on Blue background 041 (2)

Late afternoon,

and I had walked the dogs;

endured their stops and starts,

their drag upon my aching arms.

Now I had shut the door

upon the ache of our attachment,

was walking freely to the water’s edge.

My arms felt light,

my mind relaxed into the ambience

of soft light spilling over water,

lone green heron standing in the marsh.

My camera was at hand;

it’s eye was open.

My eye was open to perceive the beauty

of a solitary bird.


Solitary Bloomer

April 8, 2011

It is the way it is: This flower blooms alone. No matter that not far from where she stands and opens to the light, the others gather in congested clumps and boast that more is better.  Not for her… She loves the air around her slender form; her petals breathe, her stem bends easily between the heaven and earth.  If there is pathos in her solo dance (now and then a teardrop trembles on her cheek at dawn), then this is part of who she is. She wakes alone, and in the startled moment just before she greets the sun, she can forget the glory of her chosen dance.