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Heron In The Rain

July 15, 2012

It is a mood:

a mood that corresponds exactly

With the steady drip of rain

surrounding stillness.

It all began in the innocence of morning. I had returned from walking the dogs through the drizzling freshness of the park to find that I was still there. I had retained the rain-dropped surface of the marsh-lined water, become, if you will, the solitary heron and its moving stillness. Standing in my studio, I found myself breathing out what I had received into something like a dance. My body was moving not to move but because it was manifesting something deep and true. This dance evolved: a bamboo brush was moistened and dipped in ink. It hovered timelessly over the blank white paper surface before descending. I then became rapt observer of the line appearing, barely knowing that my own hand moved the brush. The image that came to life before my eye was more than physical application. It showed me my own longing to be me.


Sister In Bloom

March 12, 2010

Her hair seemed dusted with pollen as she opened the door – her wild gray curls outlined with yellow-gold. Her mouth was a crescent of joy on her sweet round face, and her eyes danced gleefully over a badly kept secret. She invited me in, then sneezed, then laughed and apologized. But my sister, Mary, had no reason to be sorry. Along the far wall leaned a series of oil paintings: outdoor scenes with tall pines and gilded grasses. Pink-violet roads and pathways curved away past glimmering  bayous. The stark blue sky gazed happily at a more appealing version of itself .  This sister artist bounced beside me as I took in more than beauty.  Here was evidence of  am interior willingness to bloom.