Birth Dance sculpture 042 (2) (1024x683)

Since departure from the Annex,

I have come to this:

The modeling of clay…

and form discovered;

The long wait through the holidays

and prolonged grieving over losses;

The tentative and awkward coloring of form

with untried glazes.

Birth Dance Sculpture 043 (2) (1024x683)

Shame and grief have been replaced

by celebration of the feminine form…

and patience as the only road to truth

I have looked closely

at my youth and aging

as collaborative.

I have caught glimpses of

my own delight in detail.

Birth Dance Sculpture  045 (2) (1024x683)

Artistic process at its best

reflects the life:

Hard work and perseverance

simply aren’t enough.

I cannot shut out what my heart is suffering…

my mind is sorting through.

Nor can I shut out

the distractions caused by my attachments,

for these are born of love and vulnerability

which making art requires.

Birth Dance Sculpture 056 (1024x683) (2)

Ambivalence accepted

can reveal essential elements:

Though I may struggle against

my need for restful emptiness of purpose,

I know my own soul’s reverence for timing

must be reckoned with.

As I cry out for wholeness and completion

It is being realized.

Eggs, Fired 1st sculpture, Shadows, Trees etc 030


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7 Responses to “A NECESSARY LABOR”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Oh Leif! Please tell me this piece is one you will keep forever and never, never put up for sale. This one is special. This one is a reminder-er you can keep with you always. This one brought you through one of the dark nights of the soul. Yes, yes, yes.

  2. leiflife Says:

    Oh sweetheart! Yes… I guess it did bring me through a dark night of the soul. I think I only touched on that with the writing today. But you know how very dark it has seemed at times. You have witnessed my struggling against necessity and exhaustion. You have trusted the light to come forth and witnessed the birth of joy. Thank you…my longtime reminderer. I certainly cannot imagine selling this piece right now.

  3. Kendall Says:


  4. gelpersevering Says:

    (Gel here – I no longer have an avatar)

    I like what Kendall said…I agree, this one is special. Oh So Beautiful from every angle.

    I’ve missed you.
    I am glad to read your words and to sense your wonderful spirit.

    • leiflife Says:

      Gel! I have missed you, too. And thank you so much for this welcome back. It does feel like something new and strange is happening. Not always easy…but wonderful. Are you back, too…or just visiting. I send love…

      • gelpersevering Says:

        I have closed my blog but it is still there. I have turned my attention to life here and to movement, and soon back to the garden and projects with people. I might some time start a new blog but I felt ready for a new chapter…..

        So I will keep visiting here when you post. I’ll let you know if I start writing again.
        Sending my love to you too.

  5. dogkisses Says:

    Absolutely,a wonderful post! I was thinking of taking a clay/pottery class but feel my low back may hurt too much. We have a great studio and teacher in Chapel Hill, NC, thru Parks and Rec where anyone can take classes. My son made beautiful pieces last year.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. I hope you too are able to blog more!

    dogkisses (Michelle), sometimes known as Rosa Blue.

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