Symbolic Gesture

For weeks I have felt that my hair was obscuring my vision, adding weight and distraction to a life that longs for freedom and simplicity. A heavy bob that swings forward on one’s cheeks – however stylish and admired by others – can become a liability. Perhaps liability is too strong a word. Perhaps I was simply ready for a change. And yesterday I was finally brave enough to manifest the inner willingness. Alleluia!

My hairdresser was totally in sync. His marvelous hands took flight in an instant. Fluttering, soaring, diving and darting, his fingers blurred as his scissors unveiled a visage I’d almost forgotton. My goodness; the woman actually has bones beneath her aging skin. Well… Perhaps she is not so old. Remove the curtain and the eyes begin to dance, the cheekbones lift, reflect the winged flight around her head. Involuntarily, the corners of my mouth tilt upward. How is it that the eyelids cease to droop as the soul becomes more visible through the eyes? At last, my ears unveiled, the effect of lifting free is nearly complete. I find it difficult to linger in the chair for the finishing touches that every hair salon is determined to accomplish. I secretly squirm to go forth. Rejuvenated to the age of three or four, I know I don’t need product in my hair or further styling with the hairdryer when my hair is dry. The lively feathers atop my head have a life of their own. They speak to me of liberation and a whole new dance.


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2 Responses to “Symbolic Gesture”

  1. Kendall Says:

    Oh, I wish I could see it! This is wonderful and funny, Leif. I just got all my hair shaved off–I’m wearing a crewcut again. Our timing makes me laugh.

  2. leiflife Says:

    It makes me laugh, too. But it doesn’t surprise me at all. On our way rejoicing… A little lighter and freer than before…

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