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Dangerous Encounter

August 21, 2012

Walking in a woodsy place,

wild weeds entangled and catching

at bare white legs,

I watch for snakes,

feel a frisson of fear

at the thought of

 sinuous cold-blooded beauty

poised to strike.

I am on guard

as dogs go blundering on

tugged by their noses

heedless of all things sharp,

like blackberry thorns

or poison-laden fangs.

Gripping their leashes, peering

at thick green growing things,

I am on guard

but not on guard against

the sudden sharp sweet scent

of passion flower.

Vine stretches sinuous

across my path,

but I am no longer afraid,

armed as I am

with my tiny pocket camera,

its superior lens

providing distance from

the blatant passion staring,

ready to strike.