Thrasher Family (Fierce Papa) 062 (1024x665) (3)

A path curves through the woods

that surround my house.

Since I moved there in 1992,

I have yielded the right away repeatedly to wildlife:

Birds, mammals, reptiles lay claim to this area

long before I dared to build and settle in the midst.

This fierce Brown Thrasher and his constant mate

presumed to build their nest

over-close to the path I walk each day.

Thrasher Family (Babies) 198 (1024x683) (2)Of course I discovered the tiny smidgeons

of blue and gray fluff

that turned out to be babies.

I puzzled over the blue for a while,

as I raised my camera high

to capture a fuzzy likeness.

Thrasher Family (Here To Protect) 051 (742x1024) (4)I earned a most definite scolding

from an upset mama,

before she lured me away with a gentle cooing

and posed beguilingly for my camera.

As the days rolled by this became a routine of sorts:

My curiosity pulled me back with my upraised camera,

and the parent birds appeared to scold and lure me away.

The babies took on a brownish hue,

but my respect for the privacy of the little family

prevented this wood-be photographer

from getting a clear shot.

Instead I focused on the ever-present parents

and was rewarded.

Thrasher Family (On The Tightwire of Survival) 061 (1024x707) (4)

This little mama lives her life on a tightrope,

 exercising – minute by minute – the will to survive.

My empathy for her –

and for her mate and offspring –

makes it difficult for me to see myself

as the invasive human.

Yet that is what I am.

And the only contribution I can make

to their survival –

after the nest is empty and the birds moved on –

is to decorate a little pot and tell their story…

as I see it:

Thrasher Family Pot 1 Thrasher Family Pot 2 DSC03374 (1024x683) (2) Thrasher Family 9 DSC03377 (1024x683) (2)


Thrasher Family 10 DSC03385 (1024x683) (2)


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One Response to “LESSON IN SURVIVAL”

  1. Gel Says:

    I’ve never seen a bird like this in our area…so nice to see a new beautiful bird.

    In photo #1 her eyes are so clear and rivetted on you.

    In photo #2 such a lovely display…I can see how she lured you.

    Your contribution to their survival -by telling their story on your pot – is wonderful. I would add that you have made another contribution to their survival. You gave them the opportunity to successfully exercise their strategies for protecting their young.

    You also gave them an experience of encountering a human that was benign.

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